Garage Door Openers – Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

We are one of the leading experts in Utah when it comes to garage door opener repair. Regardless of what brand of garage door opener you have installed or when it was purchased, we can fix it for you. That said never try to repair an opener yourself as it can be dangerous owing to the tension of the springs contained with it.
We provide expert garage door repair that comes backed by a warranty. Our team has the experience and skill to tackle any problem safely and efficiently so don’t hesitate to call us.

Garage Door Openers - Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

Garage Door Opener Installation Service

Many times, when the garage door opener isn’t working it has to be repaired, and if a repair isn’t possible, then a new one will have to be installed. Either way, you’ll require that an expert diagnoses the issue, and if possible, we’ll either repair the existing motor which is cheaper compared to replacing the entire unit. The good news is that our truck is stocked with a full spectrum of aftermarket replacement parts which makes it possible for us to provide garage door opener repair during a single visit.

Garage Door Openers - Repair and Installation - UT Garage Door

Garage Door Opener Replacement Or Repair Which Works Best?

Even though we can repair most problems with a garage door opener, there are times when we may recommend a replacement. According to the 1993 updated Federal Regulations which aimed to make garage doors safer manufacturers had to take specific steps to improve safety. So, if your garage door is older than when the regulations were updated it is unlikely that it will even pass inspection.

Generally, we’ll recommend a replacement if the safety eyes aren’t present, i.e. does not meet UL325 compliance. Also, if the brand has since closed down, we’ll recommend a replacement since parts will be unavailable.

Garage Door Opener Maintenance The Key To a Longer Life

The best way to ensure that your garage door lasts a very long time is with professional Garage Door Replacement Maintenance. Make sure to call in experts like us at least once a year to perform thorough maintenance.
Do not hesitate to contact us to learn about our opener repair and installation services.

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